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Produits de désinfection


Security measures






Because the safety of your children as well as that of the organisers is our priority, we make sure that the sanitary conditions are respected as well as the prevention of risks linked to the COVID-19 virus during our language courses in Bruges, Wanze.

We have therefore created a charter of health commitments and implemented measures to ensure that our courses take place in the best possible conditions.

In the near future, your children will be staying at our language centre in Bruges as part of their training. In this context, we ask all the parents of the future students as well as the organisation to commit themselves on their honour to respect this health charter and to fill it in and sign it, and to have it with them on arrival or to send it to us by e-mail. (see last two pages).

All students can participate in our course in Bruges upon presentation of one of the following documents

A negative Covid-19 PCR test certificate dated less than 72 hours before departure

A valid vaccination certificate, i.e. being fully vaccinated for at least 14 days

A medical certificate of recovery

We therefore ask all students to come with a negative test less than 72 hours old (PCR test or rapid antigen test). If it is not possible to organise this test before arrival, a rapid antigenic test will be carried out on site at the beginning of the stay (this test will be invoiced).

If necessary and at your request, we can also arrange for your children to be tested before the end of their stay. In both cases, we invite you to fill in the consent document in the attached file and send it to us at the latest on your arrival.

We will of course be happy to answer any questions you may have.

This charter and its measures are likely to evolve according to the recommendations or legal obligations in force at the time of the training.

If you have any questions about this charter or the COVID measures on site, please contact us at

Security measures adopted for a safe stay

We are aware that this special time requires special attention to ensure the safety of your children and the organisation. That is why we have established safety measures, detailed below.

Organisation and visualisation of contact bubbles for children, young people and permanent staff

Participants will be divided into contact bubbles of 100 people in July and 200 people in August, as foreseen in the generic youth protocol.

In concrete terms, this means that the summer camp will be organised in such a way that contact within the bubbles takes place in a rather normal way, but that there is a distance between the different bubbles.

This means that for each bubble there will be :

Use of the material: as far as possible, we plan to distribute the material in different material trunks per bubble. Objects that cannot be distributed will only be used between groups after the contact surfaces have been disinfected in the meantime.

Fixed supervision per bubble. When a management team meets, the existing social distancing rules will apply.

The composition of the bubbles is maintained from the beginning of the camp and contact with outsiders will be avoided: no visits and agreements with parents for the drop-off and pick-up of their children, on departure and return

Emergency procedures and duty system

A standard emergency procedure has been developed. The main components of this emergency procedure are

Presence and use of a quarantine area in case of suspected infection

Sick participants will leave the camp

Close contact with a doctor in the vicinity of the course, who can be called upon in case of suspected coronavirus infection.

In case of infection, the parents of the participants will be notified


Handwashing should take place at least at the beginning and end of the activity, before and after meals, and at each toilet visit.

The infrastructure, planning and materials will be adapted to support hand hygiene as much as possible.

Mouth masks will be used outside the contact bubble in accordance with global guidelines.

Contact surfaces will be cleaned regularly in accordance with the regulations.

Living and sleeping areas will be regularly ventilated.

Material should be kept in the bubble as much as possible. If the material nevertheless passes from one bubble to another, the contact surfaces shall be disinfected.

Nature of the activities

Activities should be organised as much as possible in the open air

Bubbles should be spread over the maximum capacity of the field/building

Activities will take place as much as possible on the camp site.

When leaving the holiday estate/camp site, groups will follow the measures concerning contact with others. The composition of the bubble will be maintained, with no outsiders allowed to enter. 

When coming into contact with other people in the public space (forests, sports or playgrounds, public squares, streets, ...), we will keep a sufficient distance to those who do not belong to the bubble.

Outings during which the contact bubble comes into contact with other people and/or other bubbles will be avoided as much as possible. If this happens, however, it will be done in accordance with the guidelines in force at that location.

When coming into contact with outside people and/or outside equipment for a specific activity (kayak rental, mountainbike, ropes course, ....), safety and hygiene rules will be respected.

We will avoid activities where there is intense contact between people in order to prevent possible accelerated contamination inside the contact bubble. 

Summary of internal rules

Wearing a mask when moving around and when entering the refectory.

Disinfecting hand gel at each meal and between activities

Wearing a mask during lessons and writing.

No access to the kitchen area

We keep the configuration of tables per room.

The guides are aware of the impact of fatigue on the participants' immune system. The organisation of the course will take this into account when designing the programme and will provide sufficient night time rest for the participants and for themselves.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to welcoming your children for a pleasant stay. 

See you soon! 

The Lovelanguages team

Cancellation clause COVID-19 

What happens in case of cancellation?

If your child tests positive before departure*.

If the Belgian authorities prohibit the stay

Our cancellation guarantee covers you against the risks of such a cancellation. 

Amount of the guarantee: 4% of the cost of the stay, i.e. only €23.80 for the language + omnisport or culture stay or €29.00 for the language + horse riding stay

If you have subscribed to the cancellation guarantee, we will reimburse you in full after deduction of the amount of the guarantee

If you have not subscribed to the cancellation guarantee, we will reimburse all the sums paid minus an administrative fee of 90€.

*You will be asked for proof of payment.

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